EBY FULLBACK General Purpose Dump

Introducing the EBY FULLBACK General Purpose Dump body


The EBY FULLBACK features an extruded aluminum sub-floor with a hardened aluminum ¼" sheet floor, 8 ton hoist, and a bulk-head window grill. Features like custom cab shields, a variety of steel hitch and bumper combinations, and your choice of drop sides complete a heavy-duty body that works hard all day, always looks great, and maximizes your payload.



Lengths 9'4" and 11'4"
Width 98" Outside width
Sides 18" High with extruded side bottom rails and side top rails
Bulk Head 42" High with 18" forward cab shield and 24" wide × 12" high punched-out window grill
Tailgate 24" Tall double-acting tailgate with center metering chute
Dump Hoist Harsh C20 hoist with EBY-designed sub-frame
Floor 1/4" Smooth all-aluminum sheet
Sub-Structure 3" Channel cross-members on 12" centers;
5" mounting “J” sills full length

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