Landscape Dump Bodies
Quickly transform this dump body into a flatbed.
The All Aluminum EBY FLEX features strong, lightweight side and rear panels that can be removed in seconds, turning your landscaping truck into a flatbed. We added a cab protector with room on top for 2 wheelbarrows, and plenty of points to tie them down. The tarp is also standard equipment, and is tucked out of the way when you don't need it. The Harsh hoist and our custom-designed sub-frame complete a dump assembly that's the best in the business.
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Available Sizes:

  • 9'4" and 11'4" Lengths for Ford, GM, and RAM chassis
  • 12', 14', and 16' Lengths for Cabover chassis
  • Width: 96"
  • 39" Side Height


  • Full height bulkhead with punched cut-out for rear visibility
  • Spring-loaded black mesh pull-tarp
  • All aluminum cab protector with tie-downs for wheelbarrows
  • Harsh C20 hoist with EBY sub-frame
  • 3/16" smooth aluminum floor
  • Sub-structure consists of 5" aluminum longsills with 3" aluminum crossmembers on 12" centers
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EBY FLEX Landscape Body Brochure
Spring Pull Tarp
Keeps your load street legal and in the bed.
Removable Posts
Corner posts bolt in and can be removed quickly.
Barn Doors
Heavy-duty barn doors swing wide for flexible loading.
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