EBY aluminum truck bodies are built for the future … lightweight, engineered to last and eco-smart by nature. Pound-for-pound, the advantages of aluminum outweigh steel.

EBY Aluminum Truck Bodies outperform, outlast and outshine steel truck bodies.

• Lower GVW weight … better fuel consumption
• Reduced maintenance costs … aluminum doesn’t rust
• Eco-smart … aluminum is recycled and recyclable

Flatbed Towing Body

Eby flatbed truck bodies deliver extraordinary value. The smart engineering and robotic fabrication result in the industry-best flatbed truck body that’s far more than the typical towing body. Impressive standard features and options tailored to individual needs.

  • Available in standard lengths from 7′ to 11′:
    • 7′ long x 84″ wide for 42″ CA SRW pick-ups.
    • 8’6″ long x 84″ wide for 56″ CA SRW pick-ups.
    • 8’6″ long x 101″ wide for 56″ CA DRW pick-ups.
    • 9′ long x 84″ wide for 60″ CA SRW C&C.
    • 9′ long x 97″ wide for 60″ CA SRW C&C.
    • 11′ long x 97″ wide for 84″ CA SRW C&C.
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Heavy-Duty & Medium-Duty Flatbed Truck Body

Up to 40% lighter than most steel platform bodies. Less weight means more payload. Plus, its all-aluminum construction is virtually maintenance-free.  Fully customizable

  • Lengths up to 32’, 96” & 102” widths
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Platform Stake Truck Body

With standard features most others offer as options, Eby’s platform stake truck body makes hauling and maneuvering cargo easy. 42” high removable slatted or solid side panels (different height optional). Lighter-weight aluminum truck body allows for heavier loads while reducing fuel consumption.

  • 8’-16’ lengths with 84”, 96” & 102” widths
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General Purpose Dump Truck Body

You can carry higher payloads and still save on fuel costs with an Eby aluminum general dump truck body. Featuring varying-height permanent or fold-down side panels, drop-down or barn door style hinged tailgate and optional cab protector.

  • 9’, 10’, 12’ & 14’ lengths, 89” inside & 98” outside widths, side heights from 12” to 42”
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Grain Truck Body

At less than the weight of steel, an Eby all-aluminum grain truck body makes you money on the delivery end and saves you money on the return. This low maintenance body can be built with selections from a generous list of options to make this equipment specific to your job.

  • 12’to 24’ lengths, 96” or 102” widths, 48” sidewalls
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Landscape Body

Eby’s all aluminum landscape bodies are light weight, durable, and attractive.  Eby landscape bodies are built for a variety of chassis.  Available in custom and standard configurations.

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Livestock Truck Body

Eby offers durable and dependable truck bodies for hauling livestock. These low maintenance bodies are easy to clean and extremely easy to load and unload. Slat or punch panel sides available.

  • 8’to 32’ lengths, 96” or 102” widths, 78” inside height
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Horse Van Body

Highly customizable. Options include smooth or ribbed polished stainless steel exterior panels.

  • 4-horses to 9-horse models
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Custom Truck Body

From landscape & leaf collection trucks and emergency rescue & fire fighting equipment to truck bodies with toolboxes and scaffolding racks, Eby has the engineering know-how to custom-design and fabricate a truck body for your specialized need to make your operation more productive.

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